Something more recent after the last few golden oldies.

This is from the back end of 2010; finished sometime in 2011.

I did try to stick some keyboard on, but after a day of fannying about I realised that what’s in my head is rarely what comes out the other end (the speakers FFS!). I did manage to rewire the computer/keyboard controller/Zoom R16  so that I can record directly to the Zoom; one accomplishment if nothing else. Whether we get to see the fruits of that labour before the end of March is anyone’s guess…

The bridge has a 60’s twang to it and sounds rather nice. I’ve kept the guitar fairly simple – when I sing this live I tend to thrash seven shades out of the strings for no reason other than I can. I’ll try to be more delicate in future. I promise.

Lyrics are here.



It’s Time!

Written by me and Rob Broadley in 1994.

Originally set to chords (like everything else) but I added the arpeggio-esque guitar later and it sounds quite pretty with it (I think!)

I added the verse “I, I didn’t see the signs…” when I was sorting out the set-list for the first Pig Gig (Xmas 2010) ‘cos I’ve always felt the song was missing a verse – not sure if it improves things or not – might need a bit of re-arrangement…

The title is based on Wilfred Owen’s ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ – one of Rob’s ideas; I tend to call it “Time” ‘cos I’m not a pretentious twat!

I might re-do the vocal tomorrow as it’s a bit wishy-washy in places. I don’t think I’ve ever tried this with the guitar recorded separate – really affects the phrasing.

Lyrics are here.

I’ll do a full chord book (with chord diagrams and everything) before the month is out (I’m not saying which month, mind).

Day 21. Only ten more songs (and one of those is already recorded and waiting to burst onto the world stage with a flourish). It seems like an eternity since I started this thing but it’s gone quite well so far. Thanks for the support everyone!

Not looked at this song in a loooong time. If you want a peep inside my 15/16 year old psyche then this is the song for you!

It’s actually not nearly as bad as I thought it was. Could do with a polish but holds up quite well despite it’s age. There was a coda which I decided to ignore – I vaguely remember tacking it on to finish the song more positively, but it sounds better without. Now I’ve dusted the song off it might get some TLC…

The chord at the end was a bit of a wang but it sounded like if it was deliberate, then it was cool; so I left it in.

Bit of tremolo on the guitar and a chorus type effect on the voice. Not sure what the random accent is that keeps creeping in..!

Lyrics are here.

No! Not a song about sunny Redcar.

Might be adopted as the anthem though… I’m in secret talks; ssshhhh!

Written with the force of nature that is Mr Robert Broadley (is “becalmed” a force of nature?).

I spent about an hour trying to get the bass line down. It’s been in my head for a while and sounds dead good, honest. Apart from the fact it doesn’t actually fit on the chords/changes properly. Back to square one.

Could do with shifting the pitch up a bit as well.

Rock n Roll, Motherfu… hang on, Mam might be reading.

Lyrics are here.

This is a bit different. A folky revolutionary/protest song written around the time of the Romanian revolution. How times have changed, erm…

It’s actually a mash-up of the first verse and chorus from my 3rd song and the full body of my 1st song. I’ve never recorded or performed any of this before and very rarely play it, hence the poor quality of just about everything!

The harmonies kind of work but there’s a bit of fudging going on in there. Bloody fudge.

Feel free to sing it at your local revolution; I think we’ll all be having one soon…

Lyrics are here.

Some more melancholy. What else are Mondays for? It’ll be worse next week!

Finished my first properly produced song today which was great. I couldn’t decide whether I should put it up tonight but I figured it could grace Day 31. End with a bang not a whimper!

There’s probably an extra chorus needed between v3 and v4. Certainly needs to be a bit tighter but it’s a WIP as far as the arrangement/guitar style goes. Just having a bit of fun.

Not a lot else to say really. Been hard at it again today and need some food…

Lyrics are here.

Another true story of a night out in Redcar!

Another work in progress. Needs a bridge (got something a bit ‘The Jam’ in my head but the words are struggling to squeeze themselves out (that sounds worse than it did when I thought it…)).

A bit of clipping on the rhythm guitar and the bass line doesn’t quite work. Also a bit too fast – trying to fit all the words in was a struggle.

Definitely needs a drum track – something else I’m working on, time permitting!

The band in the song are the quite wonderful Columbia – seen them a few times and they’ve never been less than excellent (about a 7.5/10 on the sandwich scale (don’t ask…)).

Lyrics are here.

Made it half-way! If anyone else tries this than I’d advise picking February. And not in a leap year.

I’ve been playing with this one for a while. It started off a very different beast lyrically in about 1994 or so. The tune was bouncing round my head for years and finally got some decent lyrics attached when I started writing seriously again (2010-ish).

I’ve left a guitar interlude in where the bridge should be as the lyrics I have for that section are incomplete (hence the Unfinished tag  in the title!). It’s possibly a bit too long but there is a third verse if you can bear to hang on…

I’ve also thrown in a bit of harmony; mainly ‘cos I’ve been meaning to experiment with such things for a while and finally remembered as I was recording.

Thanks for all the support so far. It’s been quite hectic trying to record every night. After work, I don’t always feel like spending a few hours repeatedly getting the same chord change wrong… Once I get into it the time flies though; so I must be having fun!

Lyrics are here.

Another unfinished song.

This time I’m not certain it’ll get much attention. I like the verse idea but I’m not sure the chorus (a) matches it and (b) is very good…

Messing with effects on the electric guitar so it’s a bit pants, but I’ve had a looooong day and I’m stopping now! It’s probably a tad fast as well.

Lyrics are here.


Just sneaking in under the radar, honest!

It’s been one of those ‘if it can go wrong, it will go wrong’ sort of days. Cars, instruments, clocks…

Anyway, this is the first song I co-wrote with Rob and it is a cliche ridden mess for which I hold Mr Broadley solely responsible. Dragged me down to his level.

Not really looked at it since it was written and it probably needs another verse and a better arrangement. Maybe next year..?

Lyrics are here.