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Ah… Good Evening Interwebs!

In an attempt to get back into some musical adventures after a long lay-off with throat problems, this is the first entry in my Musical March compendium. I’ll post a new song every evening of March 2013 – assuming things go to plan!

First up is a folky number which was written in one sitting (a rarity for me) in Liverpool circa 1996. I think I’ve only changed one word since then; which is another rarity – the tinkering usually never ends.

I’ve kept it very simple (basically due to rushing to make the March 1st deadline; planning ahead is for other people).

Coming attractions will include complete and unfinished songs, some simple ideas and hopefully a fully studioed up version of one lucky song. I bet you can’t wait…

Lyrics are here.

Chords are here (in case anyone fancies having a go).