Many thanks to Bob for playing The Trains Today on his BBC Introducing show.

There will be an album (Tales from a Lost Generation) out very soon and I’m just putting the finishing touches to a new website.

This blog will be replaced (by Wednesday hopefully) but for anyone wanting another listen here is The Trains Today. The other tracks on the blog (apart from Glory of Your Gaze) were tidied away on Soundcloud in preparation for the album.

Head to, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio 

And so here it is.

The grand finale.

Recorded at Mirage Studios by the amazingly talented Mr John P Taylor (no idea what the P stands for, I like to think it’s Paddington).

Rhythm guitar and vocals are me. The rest is John.

I won’t say too much about it. Just sit back, relax and let the music take you on a journey into – erm… yeah.

Thanks to everyone for listening. I’ll keep the blog alive for a while and post any amendments or re-recordings. There’s also the small matter of the chord-book which I’ll start working on tomorrow.

Lyrics are here.

The last recording of the month (tomorrow will be the studio recording from earlier in the month, in case you haven’t been paying attention…).

I was supposed to be doing ‘Pig & Whistle Christmas’  as a special Easter bonus (don’t ask) but I couldn’t get the chords right. I decided to give up and go with another festival based song. Some of it needs reworking but it was a short notice substitution.

Lyrics are here.


Not sure about the title – it was called ‘You Volunteered’ but that didn’t really work either. I reserve the right to change it any time I like…

Last verse needs a bit of work. I’m not sure if “For the Win” is an appropriate phrase for an anti-ish-war song… FTW!

Might add a different first chorus as well. Would drive the narrative  more clearly.

Lyrics are here.

One of Rob’s great ideas…

This is in the style of Buddy Holly (at least that was the plan, I seem to remember). Possibly could be a touch quicker but there’s a lot of wordage to fit in!

This is yet another old song that I’ve decided to leave the coda off. I think I must have had a penchant for adding endings to songs that not only didn’t fit, but left large parts of the earlier narrative a nonsense. Actually, I’ll blame Rob again!

Not a bad song all told. Could do with some attention and a decent arrangement.

Lyrics are here.

An old unfinished one. I did pull this out a while back to try and finish it but I got nowhere.

Not much else to say, really, apart from we’re counting down from 5 ’til it’s all over…

Lyrics are here.

I’ll write something later…

…much later…

Miserable Monday – as promised!

Probably the best of my older songs but rarely gets an airing due to it’s dark melancholy. Not really one for getting the crowd bouncing…

Vocals are a bit breathy in places; possibly needs shoving up a few semitones although that tends to change the melody for the bridge slightly.

Lyrics are here.

I decided to set up early today so I could relax into the evening and then wander over to the Pig on time. Ooops!

I started writing this late last year and it began the day as another unfinished song. I had one good verse, one okay verse and the chorus. I’ve played around with it all day and ended up with a finished article of sorts. I think the bridge might change and there’s a line in the second verse I’m not sure of.

The recording isn’t great – the voice is quite dry and it’s pitched a bit on the low side. I’ll endeavour to re-record it soon…

I wish I’d planned ahead and taken a screen capture of the days work. A bit like those arty things you see all over youtube but more a glimpse into the songwriting process as it goes on in my head. It might have been interesting.

Lyrics are here.

Something more recent after the last few golden oldies.

This is from the back end of 2010; finished sometime in 2011.

I did try to stick some keyboard on, but after a day of fannying about I realised that what’s in my head is rarely what comes out the other end (the speakers FFS!). I did manage to rewire the computer/keyboard controller/Zoom R16  so that I can record directly to the Zoom; one accomplishment if nothing else. Whether we get to see the fruits of that labour before the end of March is anyone’s guess…

The bridge has a 60’s twang to it and sounds rather nice. I’ve kept the guitar fairly simple – when I sing this live I tend to thrash seven shades out of the strings for no reason other than I can. I’ll try to be more delicate in future. I promise.

Lyrics are here.